Sterling Bingham

Sterling Bingham

I went to see Jyl Hamblin Tubbs for a haircut today, and she made me look 10 years younger! And the conversation was great! I loved it! Jyl was so kind and meticulous. She wanted my haircut to be perfect! I’ve had the cookie cutter places cut my hair in a “wham, bam, thank you” sorta of thing; however, With Jyl, it’s about the relationship coupled with her sheer talent. Bottom line? It was simply a wonderful experience!

Sterling Bingham

Best cut and color I’ve had in a very very long time….Thank you Jyl you are wonderful….see you in 2 weeks… ;)))))

Ginger Hansen

This is probably the best haircut you’ve ever given me. Maybe it’s because of that bad haircut I got (when I “cheated” on you)! Thank you for making me pretty (quite a feat)!

Donna Angel Showalter

Best hair dresser ever, always accommodating and does a great job on my hair, she’s a sweet lady.

Vickie Keel Barnes

She is Wonderful! ! Sweet lady and expert with hair! !!

Judy Ostler

Great hair stylist, pretty lady. Cute salon. I always feel like I have been reborn!

Annette Rothe Holden

5 Stars!

Jennifer Rolow Johnson

Jyl is awesome! The Goddess of hair!

A. R. Latham

5 Stars!

Christine Lewis

Every time I go into Jyl’s salon, I leave there feeling so great!! She always knows how to brighten up my day!! She does fabulous work!! 

Jariel Sommerville